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Trend Trading 28-03-2018 MED Premium Power

Trend Trading 28-03-2018 (MED Premium Systems) pagi ini 10.00 WIB ;

Trend Trading 28-03-2018 (MED Premium Systems) 05.00 GMT ;

Good morning all…
Trend trading pairs using MED Premium Power this morning 05.00 GMT 28-03-2018 ;
USD -3 (up)Trend Trading
XAUUSD +3 (down)
OIL -5 (down)
BTCUSD -9 (down)
EURUSD +8 (down)
GBPUSD +3 (down)
AUDUSD -4 (down)
NZDUSD +2 (down)
USDJPY 0 (sideway)
USDCHF -2 (up)
USDCAD -1 (up)
forex trading strategy

Forex Trading Strategy – How To Control Fear & Greed

Forex Trading Strategy – Fear and greed are a Forex traders worst enemy. Knowing how to control fear and greed in Forex trading, will help you to become a better trader. The key to making money in the Forex markets is to trade logically without emotion, and if you can remove fear and greed from your trading and trade logically, you will make more money from your trading activities.


Forex Trading Strategy – How To Control Fear And Greed


forex trading strategyFear and greed are pretty simple concepts to understand, and they are intertwined in the majority of Forex traders psyche. Everyone gets into Forex trading to make money, that is the sole objective of trading. But the fact is the majority of Forex traders lose money in the markets. Not being able to control fear and greed will cause traders to trade emotionally and make irrational trading decisions. Which will ultimately lose them money in the markets.


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private trading surabaya

Private Trading Surabaya (Semi) 24 Februari 2018

Private trading surabaya – intermediet trading ( semi private )  jumat 24 Februari 2018, bertempat di Ascott Waterplace Hotel, Surabaya Barat, Sabtu 12.00-19.00 WIB akan menambah wawasan & menghemat jam terbang trading anda..


Private Trading Surabaya- Workshop Intermediet Trading Series

Berikut adalah rincian jadwal Full Day Workshop – private trading Surabaya yang akan diadakan oleh FXUA selanjutnya :

Workshop Intermediet Series Semi Private by AhmedSar
“Basic MED Premium Trading System & Elliot Wave Rider Strategies”
+Live Trading (Aplikasi strategi dasar & teknik gelombang harga)

Sabtu, 24 Februari 2018, pukul 12.00 – 19.00 WIB.
Tempat : Ascott Waterplace Hotel, Tower D1 Jl Pakuwon Indah Surabaya (Depan PTC)

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