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Trading Plan is very important for most traders. Our daily quality trading plans created from the profitable traders with over 12 years experience of FX trading. We supply daily quality trading setups via our subscribe services (telegram group), delivered in realtime directly .


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How To Make Quality Trading Setups Daily(1)

We have a wealth of FX industry experience with our quality recommended trading. Being generated by our team of analysts. Using proven trading strategies and qualities technical analysis.

trading signals

trading signals

FXUA gives top priority to the best profit transaction to all customers. We believe even small aspects that are not seen by traders to be something very important, that sets us apart from others.
FXUA provide a wide range of tools to enhance the experience of your trading strategy (trending market, money management, risk ratio, stop max, target max, etc.).


How To Make A Good Daily  Setup Charts(2)

Daily quality setup chart is very important too, because technical analysis is the study of the price movement (price action) of a market over time. We make use of price charts and various technical indicators to perform our technical analysis.

trading signals



Always Upgrade  Your Level On Our Workshop Trading(3)

We are not only a day trader and we do not only teach or condone day trading because we teach how to trade like a fund manager.
trading signals
The way that we trade and the way we teach our students to trade is to take a very patient too. Like sniper approach so that we are not over-trading. Instead, we may only take one or two pairs a small handful of trades each day. But sometime double or triple position one pair if and just if the right direction market. Then we will feel confident trades and as a result, we give ourselves a chance of making a nice profit.
One of the best ways to protect our money is by sticking to our trading strategy no matter if we’ve just won or lost on a trade. And not letting the results of our previous trades influence our next trade.
You can go to workshop class to learn how to the right trade, as profesional like a fund manager & a big financial institution. Much to be learned one by one so that we avoid things that are undesirable.



How To Using Super Plan Trade 2-10%/Day ~ FX TOP SECREET(4)

Forex trading has become a magnet for investors and speculators around the world. There have been many books and literature that discusses the FX world, whether it be a basic introduction, analysis, and trading system.
Most of these books are written by people who are competent in their fields, but unfortunately they are not an actors directly who involved in day-to-day FX operational. Arguably the most speakers is outsider, little is indeed an insider.
Admittedly we have difficulty in sorting out who’s an insider or outsider, almost all of them claim to expert or teacher.
We are not person academy of trading. We are an insider FX World. Get the Super Plan Trades 2-10%/Day (FX TOP SECREET), you can learn it step by step on our workshop.
Dont trades if not learn much more !


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